Open pit protection

Excavation and protection of a construction pit in the rock mass is carried out in phases with a continuous reinforcement of the rock mass with rods and geotechnical anchors and an adequate support systems: mat construction or multilayered reinforced shotcrete. Protection of a construction pit in soil is done by installing a reinforced concrete diaphragm wall or a driven or bored sheet pile wall in a combination with geotechnical anchors.
During the performance of works a measurement, observation and monitoring system is established by installing vertical inclinometers, horizontal deformeters, geodetic points and measuring cells.  Measurements are performed continuously at certain phases of an excavation. The procedure of active design which allows customization of design solutions during the conducting of works is established.

To date, we have successfully completed a number of open pit protection projects (to ensure the open pit protection) in urban areas where we participated as consultants, designers and supervision and followed up projects from the idea to the realization.

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