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Cone Penetration Test with pore water pressure measurement (CPTU)

June 13, 2019

A cone penetration test with pore water pressure measurement, or CPTU, is a static penetration test with water pressure measurement. The main purpose of CPT (CPTU) testing is to identify subsurface conditions: classify soil, detect layers and measure strength, determine deformation characteristics and the permeability of foundation soils. This is done mainly on the basis […]

model iskopa belvedere

Excavation model – The Belvedere Hotel Resort

June 6, 2019

We create excavation models to help visualize the geotechnical conditions of planned construction and to find the optimal technical solutions. What is an excavation model? An excavation model is a spatial view of a planned excavation within the foundation soil structure. It is used in the development of a geotechnical excavation protection design as a […]


Flysch – term, characteristics, weathering…

May 31, 2019

Flysch is a term for sedimentary rock sequence, deposited in a deep basin formed on the continental edge of mountain mass. Flysch sequence is characterized by progressive deposition of deep-water turbidite sediments up to shallow-water shales (claystones and siltstones) and sandstones. Considering the area of Croatia, flysch sediments are deposited within alpine orogenesis, which formed […]

inženjerskogeološko kartiranje pokosa

Engineering geological mapping of the slope

May 23, 2019

Small- and large-scale rockfalls are frequent on the roads in the Republic of Croatia, especially in mountainous areas and along the Adriatic Highway. Rockfalls pose a great danger in these areas because of their vast diversity of lithostratigraphic soil composition, high levels of tectonic and seismic activity, complex geological characteristics, diverse relief features, adverse climatic […]

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