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Bauma 2019 – a look into the future

April 16, 2019

And this year, from 8th to 14th of April, Bauma has opened its doors to present new world trends in the construction engineering sector. With a multitude of exhibitors, visitors and great media attention, it deservedly takes a position of the leading trade fair in the world. About Bauma Bauma is the world’s leading trade […]

mjerenje inklinometrom

Landslide monitoring – measuring inclinometer

April 9, 2019

The problem of stability of natural and artificial slopes is one of the biggest problems in geotechnics. Landslides occur as a result of instability, and imbalances in the soil are a ubiquitous problem that often has harmful consequences. In order to detect and prevent the potential dangers of such occurrences in a timely manner, continuous […]

ispitivanje geotehničkih sidara

Testing of ground anchors

March 28, 2019

Ground anchor is a bearing element used to transfer the forces from the structure to the soil or rock mass. Early use of anchors included the application of rock bolts in Poland in 1918 and later in Czechoslovakia in 1926. Anchors were first introduced into civil engineering in 1934 by the French engineer André Coyne […]

osiguranje građevne jame

Open pit protection – residential and commercial complex “Rio – Rijeka”

March 14, 2019

In the area of the existing “Rio-Rijeka” factory, plans are underway to construct a residential and commercial center. The location planned for construction is in a favorable geographical position in the city of Rijeka and covers a very valuable area of the city above the “Kantrida” stadium, overlooking the Kvarner Bay. Planned construction The construction […]

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