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Reconstruction and conversion of building Rijeka

Reconstruction and conversion of a former Croatian post office building in Rijeka

May 18, 2018

Geotechnical exploration, investigation and foundation remediation for a former Croatian post office building in Rijeka   A reconstruction and conversion of a former Croatian post office building in the street Korzo, in Rijeka, is currently underway. The Croatian post office building, the so-called Main post, was built in 1887. as an administrative-business building of the […]

Number and depth of exploration boreholes

How to determine number and depth of exploration boreholes?

April 27, 2018

Like we have written in previous blogs, exploration works, geotechnical exploration works are an important part of each project. Unquality and unprofessional exploration works can lead to structural damage and costly and difficult remediation. The position and depth of exploration and investigation has to be selected based on previously conducted exploration such as geological conditions, […]

Open pit protection Dubrovnik

Open pit protection for Hotel Sensatori in Dubrovnik – reinforced concrete piles and strand anchors

April 20, 2018

Within the existing complex Plat, near Dubrovnik, a reconstruction and construction of a hotel complex Hotels Plat is foreseen. The complex is located in the municipality Župa dubrovačka, on a mild peninsula Plat on the east coast of a spacious coav. The whole complex of hotel Plat is spread across 6.3 ha of land. Within […]

The Tower of Pisa -Geotech

Why the Tower of Pisa commence to lean? And how the inclination was stabilised?

April 10, 2018

The Tower of Pisa is the bell tower of the Cathedral and it is one of the monuments within the medieval Piazza dei Miracoli. Its construction began in 1173 and it was continued (with two long interruptions) for about two hundred years until 1370. The construction process can be seen in the illustration below. As […]

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