Landslide mitigation

A landslide is the movement of rock mass or soil down the slope when the shear strength of the material is exceeded. Most common causes that initiate landslides are increasing in pore pressure and groundwater levels, undermining, erosion, load in peak part of the slope, seismic and other activities.

For the implementation of landslide stabilization, it is necessary to conduct a detailed geotechnical investigation works and develop a geotechnical study that serves as the basis for the preparation of project documentation for landslide stabilization. In consultation with the clients, we choose the most appropriate technical and economical solutions and select technology for landslide stabilization.

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  • Landslide mitigation in the city of Zagreb (Šestinski prilaz, Kameniti stol, Trpućanska ulica Muellerova ulica, Veliki Vrh, Havidićka cesta), landslide mitigation “Vrh Vinagorski “(The city of Pregrada), and “Zorkovac Vivodinski) (The City of Ozalj), the Torine quarry
  • Landslide along the state roads (the state road 205, section 001- location: Laz 12, the state road 32, section Delnice – Čabar), county roads (the county road 5062 – location: Podbadanj, Čokovo, Čedanj, Zahrt) and highways (the highway A4, section Varaždinske toplice – Novi Marof), railways (the railway R 101 state border – Buzet – Pazin – Pula, location: “Raspadalica“)

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