Slope and rockfall protection

We offer a complete service of design, supervision and consulting related to rock slope and rockfall protection. When selecting design solutions we use new technologies and try to visually blend them into the natural environment as much as possible.

So far we have realized a number of projects related to slope protection, rockfall protection and protection of unstable blocks on cuttings on state and country roads, highways, railways, and other infrastructure projects. We conduct continuous education and training at home and abroad and participate in the development and testing of new technology.

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Slope and rockfall protection references:
  • Slope protection on cuttings on traffic infrastructure: highway A1 Zagreb Split Dubrovnik: section Ogulin Brinje, highway A6 Rijeka – Zagreb, Oštrovica interchange, state and county roads (the state road D8 from Bakarac to compound with the county road 5060; three slopes on the state road 205, section 001), railway (the railway M502 Rijeka – Šapjane – state bordes – cutting Permani and Šapjane), Corridor VIII -new Railway Section Kriva Palanka – Border with the Republic of Bulgaria (Macedonia), promenade Belveder – Dubac, Orašac Beach, Miramare Bay (Dubrovnik), Bivio Beach (Rijeka)
  • Slope protection on football stadiums (Kantrida and Rujevica)
  • Rockfall protection: rockfall protection of unstable blocks at the inflow tunnel area “Omiš”, „Brzet “, “Ljut 1”, “Ljut 2”, “Komorjak” on the state road D8 Stobreč – Dugi rat – Omiš; precut of the tunnel “Vrata “(highway A6 Rijeka – Zagreb)
  • Stability of the cutting and embankment on the section 6 of highway Pristina – Hani – Elezit – section 3 (Kosovo)

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