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For business / residential building with swimming pool and retaining walls, we executed an open pit protection.

The location of the building is located in Opatija, between the Nova Cesta and the Marshal Tito Street.

Pile wall of reinforced concrete drilled piles and pit excavation was executed for the building. Excavation and open pit protection was executed in height of approximately 15.0 m. Excavation was executed vertically, along the edge of lot. During exploration and investigation works, surrounding terrain was built and other objects were located along the edge of lot.

The excavation was executed within cover material (geotehnical unit 1 – made ground (AF) and geotehnical unit 2 – terra rossa (Qts)) and within bedrock (geotehnical unit 3 – limestone breccia (K1)).

Pile wall was executed of reinforced concrete drilled piles with nominal diameter D = 400.0 mm in cover material, and with nominal diameter D = 310 mm in bedrock at horizontal distance of 1.50 m. Also, a condition for piles input into a rock mass was set up to at least 1,0 m. Depending on the terrain condition, the length of piles was adjusted depending on the depth of the rock mass.

The execavation was executed in phases. After each excavation phase the anchors Type1 or Type2 were installed, depending on the position of planned open pit measures. For pile wall resistance on horizontal action, self drilling anchors Type1 were installed.

The lower part of open pit (under the pile wall, within the rock mass) was protected by installation of Type 2 rod anchors.

At the postition of uneven surface, concrete pillows were executed to complete open pit. Addition to all other protection measures, drains in lenght of  L = 2.0  were executed to eliminate possibility of hydrostatic pressure behind shotcrete.


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