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Geotech’s short history – first 10 years

Geotech’s history

This year we are celebrating our 10th anniversary, and as a manager and the owner of the company, I was chosen to write a short blog about the first 10 years of Geotech. My task was to describe the most memorable moments – the greatest successes and failures, most significant projects, some interesting moments, mistakes and more. Let’s go slowly and concisely…

But first – the photo ☺


Well, well … that is how it looked at the beginning. The office was in one room, I was the only employee – I worked as a designer, director, supervisor, secretary and I was doing calculations … I was doing it all by myself.

Those were special times and when I look at it now that put a smile on my face. I believe that everyone who has tried to start up a business can identify with this, and t they certainly have such a photo that they don’t want to show in public, he, he. 🙂

The goal was to create a specialized company that will engage in geotechnical exploration and investigation, have a smaller team of employees and doing challenging and interesting projects, and continuously implement and apply new technologies.
When I look back over the past years, I think we all did that and we are continuing to develop Geotech in the right direction.
We all learned along the way, mostly through mistakes and from our own experience.

There have been some problematic situations when I didn’t sleep at night and not just me… In such troublesome situations, you always think that it will be solved by itself or someone else will solve the problem, but the reality is a little different.
When you realize that, you get on it and solve it by yourself. That’s it. In such situations, you are learning and developing yourself, and you feel progress. It’s called learning from the experience. Socrates said, “Experience is the best school, only the tuition is very expensive!”



There are several projects that were in some way interesting, whether they were big or small, simple or problematic. One of the first projects were – rockfall protection of unstable blocks at the inflow tunnel area“ “Brzet” in Omiš, the noise protection wall foundation on the Rijeka By-pass, open pit protection for the Western Trade Center in Rijeka, Navis hotel in Opatija and Roxanich wine cellar in Motovun, geotechnical reports for the new railway line M201 Križevci – Koprivnica – state border and Railway Section Kriva Palanka – Border with the Republic of Bulgaria in Macedonia, the design for remediation of the entrance portal of the Kupjak tunnel on the railway M202 Zagreb GK – Rijeka, the foundation design for wind power plant Grave 3 in Portugal, etc.


Geotech Company profile


We are continuously introducing new technologies: Drones, BIM technology, 360 camera, we are using most up-to-date software packages, investing in development and new technology. We also invest in marketing, education, and training of employees, and most importantly; we don’t stop here – we are always adjusting according to the needs of the market and their trends.


“Only permanent in this world is the change”!

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