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Geotech Company profile



Geotech Ltd is a company specialized in designing, supervision and consulting in geotechnical engineering.

Our services are:


  • Geotechnical exploration and investigation for all kind of structure
  • Open pit protection of hotels and touristic objects, shopping centers, residential and business buildings
  • Retaining structures in the near vicinity of objects of transport infrastructure, retaining structures in the near vicinity of facilities
  • Land slide mitigation
  • Foundation and foundation soil improvement
  • Slope and rockfall protection on slope on state and country roads, highways, railways and other infrastructure projects
  • Building information modeling

We are recognized by investors as a flexible and reliable company which in the given framework conducts complex projects in a professional way from idea to realization. We are focused on achieving a sustainable development through coordinated and responsible action. We are continuously acquiring new knowledge, technology and experience which we apply through design solutions. We are present at international and national conferences, symposiums, consultations and professional trainings.

Our vision

Our vision is to be the company whose name is a synonym for success in geotechnical engineering in domestic and foreign markets while preserving the quality of service and responsibility towards our client.

Our mission

Creating new and maintaining existing business relationships with domestic and foreign partners by providing constant values through efficient and effective engineering that satisfies the demands of infrastructural, ecological and development policies

Geotech d.o.o. was founded from the desire and the idea to raise awareness of the need for geotechnical engineering as the first and indispensable step in every project.

Our business is focused on continuous improvement of quality services and responsibilities towards our clients.
Business success is based on committed work of employees and their commitment to achieve customer satisfaction.


Quality is the motive we are pursuing in every business segment.
We are constantly investing in optimizing business processes to achieve top results.

Our goal is to satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients with whom we build a professional relationship based on mutual trust.
We prepare and draft project documentation in BIM technology.
We ensure a better quality, more precise and clearer cooperation with our customers associates (architects, designers, project managers, developers).


Our basic actuators are creativity and innovation that we bring to all our projects. We see each project as a new opportunity for improvement, learning and a new challenge. Our employees strive for progress, exploring new technologies, acquire knowledge and make a flexible team that quickly adapts to new challenges and tasks.

We use the most up-to-date software packages:

• Itasca Minneapolis FLAC 2D (Creep, Slope, Static, Groundwater)
• GEO5 – Cantilever Wall / Gabion / Pile Group / Spread Footing / Piles / Sheeting
Check / Slope Stability
• Rockfall
• MSEW (Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls)
• Autodesk AutoCad / ReCap / Civil 3D
• Allplan Engineering (Nemetschek Group) / Baugrube

What we do:


Geotechnical exploration and investigation

Quality geotechnical exploration and investigations and geotechnical reports are a precondition for the development of ideas about a new project. Implementation of intensive field and laboratory testings is necessary to obtain the input data of soil layers, capacity, settlement, categorization and quality of materials as well as for the selection of acceptable technology for performing works.
With the creation of the research work program, depending on the requirements of individual projects, we conduct explorational drilling, geological, hydrogeological and geophysical site investigations, laboratory testing and implementation of supervision on investigation works.


  • Geotechnical exploration and investigation for tourist facilities:

Hotels: “Navis” (Opatija), Bevanda, Lido Beach, Angiolina (Opatija), Novi resort (Novi Vinodolski), Belveder (Dubrovnik), “Park” (Crikvenica), “Maritim” (Krk), Hotel Ika (Ika), Mali Raj (Icici), Gospoja (Vrbnik), Roxanich (Motovun), camp “Rastovac” (island of Pag).

  • Geotechnical exploration and investigation for transport infrastructure:

Landslides in the city of Zagreb (Šestinski prilaz, Mirogoj – Gorice, Kameniti stol, Veliki Vrh, Trpućanska cesta, Havidićka cesta, Mullerova ulica), landslide „Vrh Vinagorski“ (city of Pregrada), landslide „Podbadanj“ (City of Crikvenica), landslide „Grohovo“ (City of Rijeka).

  • Construction of new highways and interchanges (A6 motorway Rijeka Zagreb –Orehovica interchange,
    Rijeka), state roads (access road to Čiovo bridge, reconstruction of state road 206 Hum na Sutli – Pregrada), county roads (reconstruction of county roads 5161 and 159 and lokal road – Business Zone West – Novi Vinodolski), railways (reconstruction and construction of new railway line M201 Križevci – Koprivnica – state
    border, railway M202 Goljak / Karlovac – Skradnik)
  • Sport recreational center Marino Cvetković (Opatija), new stadium Kantrida (Rijeka) and football camp Rujevica (Rijeka)
  • Geotechnical exploration and investigation for the construction of the new intermodal terminal Škrljevo
    (Rijeka), the Višnjan-Milanezi Work Area
  • Geotechnical exploration and investigation for naval and nautical facilities: Reconstruction of Marine “Agana”, technical due diligence for 21 ACI marinas, marina Korčula (the island of Korčula), nautical tourist complex of St. Catharina (peninsula Monuments, Pula),
  • Geotechnical investigations and pipeline and agglomeration elaboration: Engineering geological mapping for the construction of underground pipeline of water distribution on the section
    “Lokva” – “Stinica“ and water purification device” Hrmotine “,wastewater outfall of Cerovlje municipality (sewage treatment plant), reconstruction and construction of pressure pipeline – pumping station „Martinšćica“ – water reservoir „Glavani“ (Kostrena municipality,), agglomeration of Plitvice lakes,   agglomeration in the area of the island of Krk (Omišalj, Malinska, Njivice,Krk, Punat, Baska, Klimno – Silo), agglomeration in the area of Rijeka.
  • Geotechnical exploration and investigation for residential and commercial buildings
  • Geotechnical exploration and investigation for cultural-historical monuments


Open pit protection

Excavation and protection of a construction pit in the rock mass is carried out in phases with a continuous reinforcement of the rock mass with rods and geotechnical anchors and an adequate support systems: mat construction or multilayered reinforced shotcrete. Protection of a construction pit in  soil is done by installing a reinforced concrete diaphragm wall or a driven or bored sheet pile wall in a combination with geotechnical anchors.
During the performance of works a measurement, observation and monitoring system is established by installing vertical inclinometers, horizontal deformeters, geodetic points and measuring cells.  Measurements are performed continuously at certain phases of an excavation. Procedure of active design which allows customization of design solutions during the conducting of works is established.

To date, we have successfully completed a number of open pit protection projects (to ensure the open pit protection) in urban areas where we participated as consultants, designers and supervision and followed up projects from the idea to the realization.


  • Open pit protection for tourist facilities: Hotels Navis (Opatija), Silvestar (Umag), Plat (Dubrovnik), Roxanic (Motovun), Therapia (Crikvenica), Gospoja (Vrbnik), Novi resort (Novi Vinodolski), Commercial center of Slatina (Opatija), “Rovinj” (Rovinj).
  • Open pit protection for shopping centres: Spar Shopping Center (Selce), West Shopping Center (Rijeka), Plodine (Rab, Lovran), Lidl (Pazin, Crikvenica).
  • Open pit protection for residential and commercial buildings: Commercial building „RI-Petrol“ (Rijeka), business premises and residential accommodation in Poreč and Opatija, Open pit protection for the school gymnasium of Dr. A. Andrija Mohorovičić school (Matulji), Sport recreational center Marino Cvetković (Opatija), The Cultural center “Gervais” (Opatija), the Health Center (Opatija), the Church of St. Elias and Vinko (Vinkovci), Multimedia Center (Krk)
  • Open pit protection for sewage disposal plant and reconstruction of stormwater canal Pragrande (Pula)


Retaining structures

Retaining structures are used for lateral adherence of soil due to the change of ground elevation, to ensure slopes or cuttings and to increase stability in landslides and rockfalls. They are divided into gravitational stone or concrete walls, reinforced concrete (console) retaining structures, reinforced soil structures from modular elements and geogrids, gabion retaining structures, etc.
With the preparation of project documentation and the choice of technology for construction works of new retaining structures we also offer design solutions and technology choice for remediation of existing unstable and dilapidated retaining structures.


  • Retaining structures in the near vicinity of traffic infrastructure:
    gabion retaining structures beneath state road DC66 (Plomin), revetment wall on the northern side of the Rijeka By-pass, retaining walls along the road (Erzurum, Turkey), stone windbreak „Melnice“ along the railway line, precut and the entrance portal of the Kupjak railway tunnel (railway M202 Zagreb GK – Rijeka), Corridor VIII – New Railway Section Kriva Palanka – Border with Republic of Bulgaria (Macedonia), retaining wall beneath by pass of the Rozaja (Montenegro).
  • retaining structures in the near vicinity of facilities reinforced concrete retaining structures (kindergarten Opatija), establishments designated as vehicle testing centres „Svilno“ (Rijeka), acess road – car dealership “Volvo” Draga (Rijeka), supermaket Plodine (Senj), retirement home “Volosko” (Opatija),
  • remediation of retaining structures: gravitational stone wall beneath the church in Mošćenice, city walls of the town of Krk, gabion retaining structures for reconstruction and construction of pressure pipeline – pumping station „Martinšćica“ – water reservoir „Glavani“ (Kostrena municipality,),remidiation of the retaining structures of the promenade Klek – Kava beach, remidiation of the retaining wall (Villa Opatija), remidiation of the retaining structures for the purpose of extending the cemetery – Belgrade
  • (Bribir), water transfer tunnel „Drastin“ (Rijeka), remidiation of the retaining structures of the town beaches (Rijeka)


Landslide mitigation



A landslide is the movement of rock mass or soil down slope when the shear strength of material is  exceeded. Most common causes that initiate landslides are increase in pore pressure and groundwater levels, undermining, erosion, load in upper part of the slope, seismic and other activities.
For the implementation of landslide stabilization it is necessary to conduct a detailed geotechnical investigation works and develop geotechnical study that serves as the basis for the preparation of project documentation for landslide stabilization. In consultation with the clients we choose the most appropriate technical and economical solutions and select technology for landslide stabilization.


  • Landslide mitigation in the city of Zagreb ((Šestinski prilaz, Kameniti stol, Trpućanska ulica
  • Muellerova ulica, Veliki Vrh, Havidićka cesta), landslide mitigation „Vrh Vinagorski“ (The city of Pregrada), and „Zorkovac Vivodinski) (The City of Ozalj), the Torine quarry
  • Landslide in the near vicinity of transport infrastructure:
    Landslide alog the state roads (state road 205, section 001- location: Laz 12, state road 32, section Delnice – Čabar), county roads (countr road 5062 – location: „Podbadanj, Čokovo, Čedanj, Zahrt) and highways (hoghway A4, section Varaždinske toplice – Novi Marof), railways ( railway R 101 state boreder – Buzet – Pazin – Pula, location: „Raspadalica“.

Foundation and foundation soil improvement

A foundation is part of the structure that allows transfer of loads to the ground. Foundations are divided in to shallow and deep foundation structures. Shallow foundations are: spread footings, strip footings, base plates and reinforced concrete mat constructions, while deep foundations are: piles (bored, driven, CFA piles, concrete, wood, steel, etc.), micro piles, jet grounting piles, shafts, etc. Methods and technology of foundation soil improvements can be divided into mechanical, hydraulic, physical and chemical enhancements.

On the basis of geotechnical investigation and geotechnical studies we can offer a complete service when choosing a design solution and technology for structure foundations, foundation remediation and foundation soil improvement. In consultation with the clients we choose the most appropriate technical and economical solutions and select the technology for foundations, foundation remediations or improvements of foundation soil, conduct monitoring and verification of finished construction works.


  • Foundation of traffic infrastructure objects: foundation od noise protection wall on the Rijeka By-pass, remidiation of the concrete culvert (county road 5185, location Smrekari), Construction of New Railway Section Kriva Palanka – Border with Republic of Bulgaria (Macedonia), railway line M201 for mixed traffic – state border – Dugo Selo (improvement of the existing and construction of the second track), footbridge over the river Dubračina
  • Foundation of facilities for trade: Plodine shopping centers (Lovran, Pula, Čazma, Otočac)
  • Foundation of the sewage treatment plant of of Agglomeration Rijeka (sewage treatment plant „Delta“), wastewater outfall pumping station „Grčevo“, dam on Rječina river, ACI’s marina „Jezera“, Marina Muroskva (Mitan Marina, Novi Vinodolski), Dražica wastewater outfall, Gravi3
  • Foundation remediation of educational and cultural facilities (elementary school „Kaštanjer“ Pula, city walls of the town of Krk, the Church of St. Elias and Vinko (Vinkovci)
  • Foundation of port warehouse Škrljevo (Rijeka), foundation of the cableway (Vrhovine ski resort)

Slope and rockfall protection

We offer a complete service of design, supervision and consulting related to rock slope and rockfall protection. When selecting design solutions we use new technologies and try to visually blend them into the natural environment as much as possible.

So far we have realized a number of projects related to slope protection, rockfall protection and protection of unstable blocks on cuttings on state and country roads, highways, railways and other infrastructure projects. We conduct continuous education and training at home and abroad and participate in the development and testing of new technologies.


  • Slope protection on cuttings on traffic infrastructure: highway A1 Zagreb Split Dubrovnik: section Ogulin Brinje, highway A6 Rijeka – Zagreb, Oštrovica interchange, state and county roads (state road D8 from Bakarac to compound with county road 5060; three slopes on state road 205, section 001), railway (railway M502 Rijeka – Šapjane – state boardes – cutting Permani and Šapjane), Corridor VIII -new Railway Section Kriva Palanka – Border with Republic of Bulgaria (Macedonia), promenade Belveder – Dubac, Orašac beach, Miramare bay (Dubrovnik), Bivio beach (RIjeka)
  • Slope protection on football stadiums (Kantrida and Rujevica)
  • Rockfall protection: rockfall protection of unstable blocks at the inflow tunnel area „Omiš“, „Brzet“, Ljut 1, Ljut 2, Komorjak on the state road D8 Stobreč – Dugi rat – Omiš; precut of the tunnel „Vrata“ (highway A6 Rijeka – Zagreb)
  • Stability of the cutting and embankment on the section 6 of highway Pristina – Hani – Elezit – section 3 (Kosovo)


Building information modeling:

We apply BIM technology in geotechnical design, but also during geotechnical exploration and investigation, and through the model we present the information about:
• field (photodocumentation)
• geological features (layer orientation and heading, description and characteristics),
• geotechnical features
• exploration works (photodocumentation of logs of wells, geophysical profiles with an interpreter, points of observation)

By applying this technology, the quality of project documentation increases considerably through more detailed preparation, insight into potentially problematic situations and other technical solutions.
Our projects are completely made in BIM technology and we model all elements separately: shotcrete, rock bolts, drains, excavation, pilles, jet grouting piles, reinforced concrete elements, etc.

Our clients:

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